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Promoting Abraham Lincoln and his morals and ideals, and his vision and his dream for America and the world through video games.

January 2, 2004

Finally, another site update. Sorry it's been so long. I've totally redone every page on this site to be HTML 4.01 compliant (and used the W3C HTML Validator just to make sure), and removed all the messy Micro$oft Frontpage-generated HTML on this site. I've also done a few things to increase usabilty (like adding a "You are here" line at the top of each page, and adding a Site Map page). I've also updated the text on many of the pages (too many to mention), reorganized some pages (for instance, the "About" page isn't in hidden in the "Articles" section any more, now it's accessible from a link on the bottom of every page). I've also added a "Page Last Updated" date to every page.

There aren't any new software releases or any new Mario 3 hacks (no one has sent me any), but I plan on working on removing all of the known bugs from Abraham Lincoln Land, adding all the features I want to be added and that I know I can add, and porting it to Windows and Linux. The next beta will be released, and I will continue working on and testing ALL's levels, once all this is done. I'll probably also release Windows and Linux versions of the other programs on this site, like Mario Improvement 3. I hope that none of this will take too long, but I'll go as fast as I can without rushing anything. I want to have Abraham Lincoln Land done sometime between late 2004 and mid-2005.

April 29, 2003

Sorry for the long time between updates. I've been pretty busy the last two months. However, I've made some long-needed updates to this site, and I've released beta 5.6 of ALL, which contains lots of bugfixes and many UI design improvements, as well as a few new options and features including a Sound Setup menu, so those of you with odd sound cards or sound card setups can get the sound to work in ALL. Read the Version History section of the README to see all of what I've changed.

I've also added an ALL FAQ and an ALL Storyline page. The ALL FAQ is also included in the ALL README. A lot of much needed updates to the ALL README were made as well. Of course, I've also updated the Development Timeline and Level Completion Timeline pages.

In addition, I've made some much-needed updates to the MI3 FAQ page, and I've updated the MI3 Level Archive page with 3 new level sets. This may not be all of the level sets and hacks that have been sent to me since the last update of this page, because it's been awhile since I've last updated it, so if you go onto the page and your level set or hack (or the most recent version of your level set or hack) isn't listed, please send it to me again, and I'll put it up the next time I update the site. (I think I may be missing some here and there).

The Lincolnsoft Mission pages were updated as well to more accurately reflect the mission of Lincolnsoft.

One last change: You can't email me through a clickable mailto: link anymore. I've removed all the links and replaced them with an image of my email address (with the ALT text set to a description of how to spell out my email address). This is because I'm getting too much spam, and I don't want the spambots to be able to harvest my email address off of this website. (I swear, those spammers are getting pretty damn clever with their subject lines...)

June 11, 2002

I've released beta 5.1 of ALL, which contains just about as many changes as beta 4.5 did. I've refined the controls and physics some more to make them feel even better, added the move where you can defeat enemies by bonking blocks from underneath them, redid the Downtown theme to make it sound better and less repetitive and to make it have more variety, fixed some more bugs, and many other things. As always, read the Version History section of the readme.htm file to see all that I have changed.

October 30, 2001

I've released a new version of ALL, Beta 4.5, that contains many more changes than any previous update to ALL. It completely changes the controls and physics of Abraham Lincoln Land to a much more Mario-like feel. As a result, I've also modified all of the levels in Alabama (the first world of ALL) to accomodate the new controls and physics and make everything that was possible with the old physics, possible with the new ones. Also, I've added a ducking move, improved the collision detection, and fixed some longstanding bugs in ALL. To see all of what I did, and what I changed, look in the Version History section of the new readme.htm file. Hopefully the game should be much more fun to play now. I've also changed the Level Completion Timeline page to say that only Alabama has been tested and completed, because I have to retest all the other levels again because of the massive control changes. As far as designing goes, though, I'm up to World 27 (Nebraska), though not finished with it yet. I'm also more than halfway done (over 53%) designing all of the levels in ALL.

I've also changed the "Emulation" section on this site to an Other Programs section, which includes Mario Improvement 3 as well as number of other utilites and stuff I have written over the past year or so, the most complex of which is the Music Database, a database program I wrote to catalog my rapidly increasing collection of 80s music, complete with a search feature and a "View Lyrics" function (among other things). Fixtext is a simple command-line utility to get rid of all those annoying box characters that Notepad displays when you view a text file without the correct newline characters. The Simplest Stay Connected Program is a really simple "stay connected" program to keep your ISP from signing you off after a certain amount of time. All of the programs in the Other Programs section come with source code.

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