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Are there (or will there be) versions of ALL for other OSes besides DOS?

Currently, only a DOS version of ALL is available. However, after I'm completely finished with the DOS version, I plan to port ALL to Windows as well as to Linux. I'd like to port it to MacOS as well, but I don't have any Macs to test ALL on and I don't know that much about Macs in the first place, so I don't know if a Mac port will actually happen or not.

When will the next version of ALL come out?

When I feel I'm finished with enough changes and improvements to the game to merit a new release. The time between releases can vary significantly. This is because there are different amounts of each type of work that is left to be done on the full version of the game, and also because at different times I feel like working on different parts of the game. In addition, some parts of the game make more logical sense to finish first than others - for instance, the graphics were finished first, and then I programmed the basic game engine before I even made any levels (this was in ALL's alpha stages, before beta 1 was even released). I generally put programming improvements (bugfixes, game engine and UI improvements, etc.) at a higher priority level than level testing or creation, so I try to perfect the game engine (according to suggestions for improvement, bugs that have been reported, etc.) before I go and test or create levels. This makes it so that (now that the graphics are mostly done) programming gets first priority. The more the programming gets perfected, the less frequent beta releases will be until the final version and the release of the full version of ALL (eventually, it'll be perfected so much that I'll only have music and levels to work on - and I believe I'm getting pretty close to that point now). If you want to get an idea of where I am on each type of work on the game, see the Current progress on the full version of ALL section of the README, as well as the Development Timeline and Level Completion Timeline sections of the ALL section of this website.

When will the full version of ALL be done?

I hope to have it done sometime in between late 2004 and mid-2005, but it's still quite possible that it could be finished before then. Of course, it's still possible that it could take longer, but I'll do everything in my power to make sure that it gets done by then, and that I do as good of a job as I possibly can do on it.

Will the full version of ALL be freeware or shareware?

Probably shareware, considering the amount of work I've put into it. However, I probably won't price it all that high (I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $10-$15 USD at this point). Included in the price of the full version will be all of the 50 states, all of the game's features, and the full, entire game (of course); ALLEdit, ALL's advanced level editor; and likely some other things as well. The shareware demo version will only contain the first world (Alabama) and will lack external level support.

Will the full version of ALL be open-source?

I'll likely "open-source" in some way all of the documentation, the story and other written information in ALL, and all of the graphics used in ALL, but the levels and music will definitely remain "closed-source". As to open-sourcing the actual game code, or the level editor code, or any portion of either thereof, I'm not sure yet. As to what type of open-source license for each type of work used in ALL, I'm not sure yet (but the graphics will likely be licensed under an Allegro-style "giftware" license).

Are there any command line switches to ALL?

Yes. See the Command Line Switches section of the README for information on all of the valid command line switches and what they do. The command line switches in this version are mainly intended to diagnose and/or fix sound or joystick setup problems. More command line switches may be added in the future, especially if they are demanded. Type alldemo -? at the command line for a brief summary of all of the valid command line switches.

I get an error setting graphics mode!

ALL uses a 640x480x16-bit video mode, so it will only work on video cards that support this mode under DOS. Your video card needs to have at least 1 MB of VRAM for this mode to work. If you have a video card with at least 1 MB of VRAM and you get this error message, see the Video Card Problems section of the README. I might make a version of ALL in the future that supports more video modes (or a Windows version), but until then, you'll have to have a card that supports this mode under DOS to play ALL.

I have a slow computer with an old video card. How do I get ALL's framerate to go faster?

Try getting Scitech Display Doctor and see if it has better drivers for your video card than the ones you have. ALL will run about twice as fast under VESA 2.0 as it will under VESA 1.x. See the Video Card Problems section of the README for more information. I might implement hardware acceleration in a future version of ALL that will allow ALL's framerate to go much faster on slow computers (at the expense of video memory).

Also, try running ALL under a different environment (if possible). If it's running slow under Windows, try running it under pure DOS (or vice versa). Doing this can improve the framerate as well.

The sound doesn't work!
I get an error initializing sound upon starting ALL!

From the main menu, go to Options -> Music and Sound -> Sound Setup and set the sound settings in ALL to match the settings for your sound card. If you don't know what these settings do, or you need help determining the correct settings for your sound card, see the Sound Card Problems and Sound Setup menu sections of the README.

I get a lockup/crash when reinitializing the sound in the Sound Setup menu!
ALL locks up or crashes my computer when I start it!

Setting the sound card settings in ALL incorrectly may lock up or crash your computer. For information on how to get the correct sound card settings, see the Sound Card Problems and Sound Setup menu sections of the README. If you get a lockup or crash upon starting ALL (which should be very rare unless you've saved incorrect sound settings in the Sound Setup menu in ALL), use the command line switches to diagnose and fix the problem. These lockups and crashes are not due to a bug in ALL, they're due to the way PC hardware under DOS works. If you were to specify the same incorrect settings under some other DOS program, you'd likely get the same results.

What is the DELETE.ME file? Can I safely delete it?

The DELETE.ME file is a small temporary file used by the "Reinit Sound Card" option in the Sound Setup menu. It should be deleted automatically by the game, unless the game locks up or crashes during sound card reinitialization due to incorrect sound settings in the Sound Setup menu. As the name of the file suggests, yes, you can safely delete this file without doing any harm to the game or anything else whatsoever. Of course, hopefully you don't have a file named DELETE.ME in the directory that you install ALL in, or else the game will delete it when you select "Reinit Sound Card"...

Are there any cheat codes for ALL?
Are there any warps in ALL?

Sorry, nope. Cheaters will never win at ALL. You're going to have to emancipate all of the states if you want to free the slaves and save democracy. And if you want 100%, you're going to have to completely emancipate every city and every area (all 16 of them) in every state (all 50 of them). No one ever said that Abraham Lincoln's job, or that his goals, were easy. Have some perseverence and you'll make it. Every objective in the game is possible.

How do I beat Jefferson Davis at the end of Florence, Alabama (level 1-12)?
How do I reach the target score in [some level]?
Where is/How do I get [some item] in [some level]?
How do I beat [some bonus game] in [some level]?

You're just going to have to find out for yourself. The Advanced Gameplay Techniques section of the README is about all the advice I'll give you.

I beat Jefferson Davis in Florence, Alabama (level 1-12) and I see red dots for other levels on the map screen that are not emancipated, but I can't access these levels because no paths go to them!

There are 16 levels in each State, but you are only required to emancipate the first 12. To access the last 4 levels in any given State (which are optional, special, secret, extra-difficult levels designed for more advanced players), you must meet some conditions in the first 12 levels of the State first. To gain access to level 13 in a State, you must find the Bonus Coin in each of the first 12 levels of the State. To gain access to level 14 in a State, you must meet or exceed the target score in each of the first 12 levels of the State. To gain access to level 15 in a State, you must get a perfect special score of 100 in each of the first 12 levels of the State. To gain access to level 16 in a State, you must complete all of the bonus games in each of the first 12 levels of the State. After you meet one of these conditions, the path to the corresponding level will appear on the map screen for the State, and you will be able to enter it. Note that these four objectives also exist in each of these "final four" levels in each State, and if you want 100%, you're going to have to meet all of these objectives in each of the "final four" levels of each State as well. See the Basic Game Structure section of the README for more information on this.

I emancipated Florence, Alabama (level 1-12) and I tried to go to the next world. But when I tried to enter the next world, the game aborted with an "Error loading world!" error message!

World 2 (and all subsequent worlds) are nonexistant in this demo beta version. So if you try to access it, you'll get an error message simply because it's just not there. When the final demo version of ALL is done, this is one place where the shareware "nag" screen will go, but it's not implemented yet. If you do manage to emancipate Florence, I recommend that you save your game afterwards in case you do accidentally try and enter the nonexistant world 2.

I found a bug in ALL!
I have a suggestion for improvement to ALL!

If you've found a bug, first make sure that it's not listed in the Known Bugs section of the README (and that, of course, you are using the latest version of ALL). The bugs listed in this section are ones that I already know about and that I plan on fixing in the future. If the bug is not listed, contact me and report the bug. If you have a suggestion for improvement, first take a look at the Stuff not implemented yet section of the README and make sure that you're using the latest version of ALL. The suggestions and improvements listed in this section are improvements that I am considering (or in many cases, likely) to implement in future versions of ALL. If your suggestion for improvement is not listed, contact me and describe your suggestion for improvement, and if it goes along with my design and my vision of what ALL should be OK, and if your suggestion is reasonable, I will consider it for implementation in a future version of ALL. I will not promise to add every suggestion for improvement to ALL that is sent to me, however. It's impossible to make everyone happy, and I don't have an infinite amount of resources or time. However, I will try as much (and as hard) as I can to make ALL the best game it possibly can be (according to my design and my vision of what ALL should be, of course).

What programming language/compiler did you use to make ALL?

ALL is coded in C (without the ++) using the DJGPP compiler.

I'm trying to program my own sidescroller and I'm having trouble with some aspect of it (such as collision detection). Can you help me with this (or give me some tips/advice on this)?
I'm trying to make my own sidescroller and I've noticed that ALL uses pixel-based collision detection for tiles in all directions. How do I implement this in my game?

The answers to these questions deal with game programming and not with ALL specifically, and are also potentially long, lengthy, and complicated, and depend on the specific situation or issue, how flexible you want your game to be with collision detection, and possibly many other factors. Because of this, the answers to these questions are beyond the scope of this FAQ. Maybe I'll write some tutorials on these types of things and put them up on this website sometime. These questions are often asked of me (especially the latter one about pixel-based collision detection), and there seems to be a lack of information on this kind of thing. However, I won't go into the way that ALL actually does it here, because that is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

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