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"The severest justice may not always be the best policy." - Abraham Lincoln
"Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this." - Abraham Lincoln

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OK, I wish I didn't have to put one of these up, but unfortunately there's enough frivolous lawsuits and untrustworthy people (and corporations) that it's necessary. Keep the above quotes in mind, though, it's not like we're going to come after you if you do something miniscule. Just don't do stupid things like leech off of the site, or copy things and sell them, OK? It's pretty simple. Most is just common sense and courtesy anyway.

All content on this site, including images and other non-HTML files, is Copyright ©1999-2004 Lincolnsoft, unless otherwise noted or stated. You may link freely to any page on this site. (After all, that's the purpose of the Internet, isn't it?) You may use the content on this site for personal, noncommercial use only, unless stated otherwise. For any other use you have to ask permission. You many not link to images, music, or other files on this site, unless otherwise stated. Link to the HTML web page it's on instead. You may quote parts of this site and stuff like that, but only if you link to us, credit us, or otherwise say you got it from us.

This site contains files contributed by third parties. Such files are specifically noted or stated as not being copyrighted by Lincolnsoft. These files are included on this site with the third parties' permisson. These files are copyrighted or owned by their respective third parties and Lincolnsoft makes no claim of copyright or other form of intellectual property whatsoever in any file or files on this site contributed by third parties. Lincolnsoft does not necessarily agree with or endorse the content contained in these third party files and is in no way responsible or liable for the content of third party files. Lincolnsoft accepts no liability for any damage to your hard drive, computer, or anything else from use or misuse of these third party files. Use of third party files contained on this site is governed by the terms and conditions, if any, that the third party spells out for its file or files.

Any software on this site is not subject to the copyright spelled out in the above two paragraphs, but the copyright set forth in the software. (So you should read the readme file or the license agreement or the terms of use that come with the software, to determine the copyright that pertains to the software.) This site contains some software from third parties, which is included with the third parties' permission. Lincolnsoft does not necessarily agree with or endorse the actions of third parties whose software is included on this site. Lincolnsoft accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of, your use or misuse of, or any damage caused by, any third party software included on this site. Read the software's documentation, license, and/or terms of use, and/or run the software itself to determine who it is copyrighted or owned by. Third party software will not have Lincolnsoft listed as the copyright owner in the copyright statement. Any software with Lincolnsoft listed as the copyright owner in the copyright statement is not third party software. Lincolnsoft makes no claim of copyright or other form of intellectual property in any third party software on this site.

All names (except for Lincolnsoft, of course) are trademarks of their respective companies. Lincolnsoft is in no way afilliated with these companies. Lincolnsoft does not necessarily agree with the views or opinions of such companies, and Lincolnsoft does not necessarily endorse their products or services.

Lincolnsoft is not responsible if this site causes any damage to your hard drive, your computer, your dog, or whatever. Not that it's likely to happen anyway. No warranty is made to the accuracy or completeness of, or the suitability for a particular purpose of, any information on this site, and Lincolnsoft accepts no liability for any errors or omissions. Lincolnsoft is not responsible for any content on any site linked to by lincolnsoft.com, and such sites do not necessarily express the views or opinions of Lincolnsoft.

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