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Some links related to Lincolnsoft (and even some that aren't really...). These links will take you outside of Lincolnsoft.com. Sites linked to from this page do not necessarily reflect or express the views or opinions of Lincolnsoft.

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Lincoln Links

Abraham Lincoln Online
Great site for learning about Abraham Lincoln, whether you're a Lincoln scholar or a student. Lots of links to Lincoln resources, news and events about or related to Lincoln, Lincoln quotes, Lincoln places, and many other things. It even has a discussion board for talking about Abraham Lincoln or things related to him. A great starting point for learning about Lincoln on the Web.

Abraham Lincoln Association
One of the most prestigious Abraham Lincoln associations, based in Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois. They host a symposium on Lincoln in Springfield on Lincoln's Birthday each year, publish journals about Abrhaham Lincoln, co-sponsor work on Lincoln projects like the Lincoln Legal Papers, and many other things.

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
The agency created by the Federal government charged with thinking up ways to celebrate and honor Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday around the country on February 12th, 2009. It is made up of fifteen prominent Lincoln scholars, Lincoln admirers, and politicians. You can submit your own ideas for the celebration here.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Website for the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum now being built in Springfield, Illinois. Finally, there will be an official institution devoted to the life of our greatest President. You can get an idea of what the new library and museum will be like here, view a Webcam of it being built, among other things.

A. Lincoln Bibliophile
This site is a nice guide to some of the 10,000+ and rapidly increasing number of books that have been written about Abraham Lincoln. It includes information about upcoming and newly released books as well.

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln
Here you can search the 11-volume Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln online.

The Lincoln Legal Papers
Project working on assembling the papers dealing with Abraham Lincoln's legal career.

The Presidential Papers of Abraham Lincoln
Project working on assembling and digitizing the papers dealing with Abraham Lincoln's presidential career.

The Lincoln Log
Here you can search the events of Lincoln's life by month, date, and year, browse the events in Lincoln's life by year, or find out what happened on today's date in Lincoln's life. You can also do a text search of the events in Lincoln's life. The events are from the book Lincoln Day by Day: A Chronology, compiled by the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission.

The Lincoln Museum
A great museum in Ft. Wayne, Indiana dedicated to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln College Museum
Small, but great Lincoln museum located in Lincoln, Illinois on the campus of Lincoln College, the only college named for Lincoln during his lifetime.

Abraham Lincoln Book Shop
Located in Chicago, this book shop specializes in books about Abraham Lincoln.

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Game Development/Programming Links

A free 32-bit DOS port of the popular open-source GNU GCC compiler available for Linux and other Unix-style OSes. This is (in my opinion) the best DOS C/C++ compiler around.

A free Win32 (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT) port of the GNU GCC compiler.

A very good free open-source giftware game library, available for multiple OSes (DOS, Windows, Linux, and more). Provides many basic (and some not-quite-so-basic) routines for game programming, like setting graphics modes, drawing stuff onscreen, playing sound effects, getting input from mice, keyboards, and joysticks, etc.

A free add-on library to Allegro providing functions to play MOD music files (e.g. MOD, XM, S3M file formats). Allegro by itself does not support MODs.

Lots of great resources for learning how to program, make, and develop video games.

Developers Corner
A big forum for game development.

Dr. Dobb's
This site isn't really about game programming in specific but has resources on learning how to program in various languages (e.g. C, C++, BASIC, etc.)

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Emulation/Retrogaming Links

Zophar's Domain
One of the best (and biggest) emulation sites out there.

Lots of interesting info on old, fun, classic video games.

Challenge Games
ROM hacking group that makes classic games (like Mario 3, Metroid, and Zelda) more difficult and fun. Their SMB3 hack is included on my Mario Improvement 3 Level Archive page.

DirectPad Pro
Learn how to make a PC adapter for your favorite classic console game system controller (e.g. NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari). Also includes drivers for using these joysticks on your PC.

Here you can order pre-made NES and SNES controller adapters for your PC. Good if you want to use a NES or SNES controller as a joystick on your PC but aren't good (or comfortable) enough with low-level electronics to make an adapter.

Patent Pending
Another good emulation site.

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80s Links

80s Music from About.com
Lots of links and information about 80s Music.

A great big site with lots of information about the 80s, especially of course, the music. They used to have a fairly comprehensive 80s band list but they took it down awhile ago.

One of the best 80s Internet radio stations I've found on the Web.

Sun 80s
Another good 80s Internet radio station.

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Music Links

Learn how to make music on your computer in the MOD file formats (e.g. MOD, XM, S3M, IT). Here you can get Modplug Tracker, a great free Windows program for making music (a lot better than those crappy commercial music-making programs they sell at the store). You can also get Modplug Player (a free Windows player for playing back MODs). Yes, I know you can play back MODs with Winamp, but Modplug Player is better.

Impulse Tracker
This is quite possibly the best MOD tracker (and player) in existence, but it's harder to use (at least in my opinion) than Modplug Tracker.

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Reference Links

U.S. Census Bureau
Find out the real population, demographics, etc. of a city or town (or state or county) in the U.S. If you're using this for anything serious, though, just be careful to use the actual Census 2000 populations and statistics, not estimates or projections (as estimates and projections are unreliable).

Historical U.S. Census Data
This site has U.S. census data from 1790 to 1960 available. Find out the past population or demographics of a state or county (no city or town data is available).

GNIS (Geographic Names Information System)
Never heard of Redneckville or Hickboro or some other dinky little town? Can't find Nameless City on the map? This site allows you to search all of the known geographic places (e.g. cities and towns, parks, rivers, lakes, etc.) in the United States. It even includes unincorporated cities and towns. You can search by state, county, feature type (just about every feature type imaginable can be searched) and wildcard searches are permitted, and just about any field can be left blank (so you could, for instance, search for all of the cities and towns named Springfield in the country, and find out what states they're in.) For some cities (like Chicago), even neighborhood names are in the database. Once you've searched for a place, you can view a map of where it's located (produced by the Census Bureau's TIGER Map Server.)

National Atlas of the United States®
Here you can view lots of interesting data on a national scale. Maps from here were used to produce the map screens in Abraham Lincoln Land.

Need genuine random numbers? This site will generate completely random integers or sequences of integers based on atmospheric noise. You can set the number of random integers to generate and (of course) in what numerical range you want the generated integers to be in (so, for instance, to roll a pair of completely random dice, you could set the number of integers to generate to 2, and the numerical range to between 1 and 6). A note on random numbers: The random numbers generated by your computer (or most other electronic devices) are not genuinely random. They are what are referred to as "pseudorandom". These generators use complex mathematical algorithms to generate the numbers so that they appear random, but because they use a specific algorithm, they are predictable if you know what the algorithm used is. Real, truly unpredictable random numbers require an external source of "entropy" (such as atmospheric noise or radioactive decay) to produce.

What's that site running?
Does that site run Winblows 2000 or does it run Linux? Does it run Micro$oft Internet Information Server or Apache? Find out what OS and operating system a site runs (and how long it's been up) here. (For the record, lincolnsoft.com runs Apache on Linux.)

Internet Traffic Report
If you can't get to Google but you can get to the Chicago Tribune, maybe there's a problem somewhere in between your computer and their servers. This site will tell you the status and traffic index of various Internet routers at major geographic locations around the world, so you can see if one of these routers is down or overloaded at the present time, and perhaps causing the problem that won't allow you to get to Google.

The Official U.S. Time
Find out what time it really is (and how fast or slow your clocks are) by going to this site, which gets its time from the national atomic clock.

Area Code & Zip Code Lookup
Reverse lookup an area code or zip code to find out what city or cities (and in what state) they correspond to. Of course, you can also find out what area code (or in some cases, codes) a certain city is in, or what zip code(s) pertain to a particular city.

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Other Links

Internet Junkbuster
Sick of obnoxious animated GIFs, Macromedia Flash, or Java web ads? Browse the Web in peace (and privacy) with Internet Junkbuster. What the Junkbuster is is a proxy server you run on your computer (and tell your browser to connect to it in your browser's proxy settings) that will block ads on servers (or directories on servers) that you specify in a blockfile. Wildcards are allowed in the blockfile (so you can specify *.doubleclick.net, for instance, and all the ads from Doubleclick will be blocked). The ads that are blocked will be replaced by a simple message that just says "Internet Junkbuster" or a broken image. The ad will not be downloaded. This makes your web browsing faster as well (and saves bandwitdth), because you won't have to download all of the images, Flash, or Java that constitute the ever-increasing amount of ads on sites. Junkbuster also has a cookie "whitelist", so only cookies from domains you specify in the whitelist will be allowed, and all others will be blocked, regardless of your browser settings. If you don't want to compile your own Junkbuster blockfile there are many free Junkbuster blockfiles available for download on the Web - just do a search on Google for them. Note that Junkbuster doesn't block popups (but you can get a browser that will - Opera has a built-in pop-up blocker.) I've been using Opera and Junkbuster for a few years now and I know I couldn't stand to browse the Web these days without blocking all the stupid obnoxious ads and pop-ups (that become more obnoxious every day.)

Like Internet Junkbuster (it's based on it) but better: it blocks popups and does other things that Junkbuster doesn't do. However, it's a bit harder and more complicated to set up.

Search for your favorite games here.

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