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This section is for useful programs other than games that Lincolnsoft has done. Some of them are relatively simplistic and have limited usefulness, while others are more complex. All of the programs listed here come with source code.

Mario Improvement 3 (MI3)

This is a freeware level editing utility for the NES classic, Super Mario Bros. 3. It currently supports editing of all game levels, enemies, and map screens, mouse support, and a GUI. You can also download levels made with MI3. This is probably by far the most complicated non-game program that I have done, and it was my first major C programming project as well (most of it was done between February 12, 1999 and and early May 1999), so the source code is messy, and the latest version has some bugs that need fixing, but overall I think it works pretty well (and has a lot of features). I did this mostly because Mario 3 is my favorite game, I was interested in emulation then, and I needed something simple to program so I could gain programming experience and learn how to make a level editor for ALL (and eventually, the game itself.)

Music Database

Originally called 80s Music Database (because I really like 80s music) I wrote this program so I could keep track of the hundreds of 80s songs I have on tape, CD, or MP3 somewhere, and to store statistics and data about each song (such as year, peak chart position, my own personal song rating, for how good I think the song is (on a scale of 0-9), the album the song comes from and the artist the song was by, etc.) It has functions to rank artists, years, albums, CDs (among other things) based on how much you like them, a search function in case you have large numbers of songs (right now, my database has 1,402 songs in it), statistical calculation functions (to calculate mean, median, and mode ratings, chart positions, years, etc.), and a function to view the lyrics to songs, among other things. The user interface could probably be improved somewhat, but I'll release it anyway.

The Simplest? Stay Connected Program in the World

This is a little program that you can run while you're online, and (hopefully) it'll keep your ISP from signing you off. What it actually does is ping a random website (from a list of websites that the user can define) at a random interval betweeen (x / 8) and x minutes, where x is a configurable value that the user can set. In other words, if you have this set to 8 minutes, it will ping a random website from your list somewhere between 1 and 8 minutes from the last time it pinged (pung?) a website. It worked for the dial-up ISP I used to have (which was a local ISP), so hopefully it'll work for yours. (I have a broadband connection now, so now I don't need a "stay connected" program.) Called the "Simplest?" (with a question mark) because I know it could be even simpler...


Ever find one of those text files that, when you open them in Notepad or whatever, all the new line characters are replaced by boxes, making it hard to read? Well, this is a simple little command-line program that will get rid of those boxes and turn them into real new lines, so you can read the text without all those annoying little boxes (or without having to get rid of them manually). You can put it in your PATH so then you can just run fixtext filename where filename is the name of the text file with those annoying boxes and then open the file in Notepad.

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