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Why can't I add objects?

Because you can't add data to a ROM. For NES ROMs it is virtually impossible to add data unless you know asm. Even then, it could be next to impossible. If you try to add data (or even take it away) the game would not work.

Freeform Mode sort of solves this problem by allowing you to create a level with an arbitrary number of objects (which you can then save to the ROM) instead of just modifying existing ones. However, this does NOT add more space to the ROM. It just allows you to use ROM space more efficiently for your levels (and perhaps add more levels), and be more flexible in your level designs. There seems to be a lot of empty space in the Mario 3 ROM not taken up by levels, however: it is possible that you can use this space to add extra levels to the ROM.

When I put down an enemy or object in freeform mode, how do I change it to a different enemy or object?

The same way you do it in regular mode. Move the cursor to the part of the object with the upside-down "L", then hold down the space bar to select the object, then while holding down the space bar use the period/comma keys to change the object by 1 (also increases the length of some 3 and 4-byte objects), the J/K keys to change the object by 16, the N/M keys to change the domain of the object, and the semicolon/apostrophe keys to change the length of a 4-byte object. Note that since enemies don't use domains, the N and M keys won't do anything for enemies, and the semicolon and apostrophe keys only work on 4-byte objects.

Is there a version of MI3 for <put OS here>?

Right now MI3 is only available for DOS. It may be ported to other OSes in the future, such as Windows, or Linux.

MI3 doesn't work on my Windows ME/XP machine!

There's not really anything I can do about it, unless I or somebody else happens to get around to porting it to Windows someday. I don't have Windows: Malfunctioning Edition or Windows eXPloit, and I never will, and I don't have any computers running either of these OSes to test MI3 on. (In addition, I strongly suggest you avoid purchasing, upgrading to, or running either of these OSes in any way, shape, or form, if at all possible.) MI3 is a DOS program. It has been tested successfully under Windows 95/98, but not under any other OS, so you're on your own if you try to run it under some other environment besides DOS or Windows 9x.

I found a bug!

You can email me about it, and I'll try and fix it for the next version if and when I feel like working on MI3 again and releasing a new version. I know that version 0.95 of MI3 is somewhat buggy.

Why don't you make a version of Mario Improvement 3 that works with Super Mario All-Stars?

Version 0.95 includes internal support for all of the Mario Allstars levels, but you can't edit headers or pointers in Mario Allstars yet, and some other things that are supported in the NES version are not supported in Mario Allstars yet. MI3 detects Mario Allstars ROMs by extension, so make sure the extension is .smc before loading one.

When will the next version be released?
Will there ever be a new version of MI3?
Why don't you make a Windows version of MI3?

The MI3 project has been put on hold indefinitely. I haven't decided to cancel it outright yet, but I won't release any new versions until I feel like working on it again. I have a lot of other projects and activities right now that I place much higher importance on than MI3, and that I feel like working on much more than MI3, and that my heart is in much more than MI3. Since I began working on MI3 in early 1999, I've changed significantly, and my interests have changed significantly as well. In addition, working on MI3 no longer serves the purpose that it once did (to help me learn C so I could code games.) As a result, I've lost interest in the MI3 project to a significant extent. It's no longer fun, and it no longer feels rewarding, for me to work on MI3. Instead, it feels like a chore. In fact, this is a major reason why version 0.95 of MI3 is somewhat buggy: because I didn't really feel like working on it, so I just "rushed" it so I could release it as fast as I could. I don't like to rush projects, and I don't want to rush a project ever again. Don't try and bug me to release new versions of MI3 (or ask me when there will be a new version.) You might just degrade my interest in working on MI3 further. Remember that MI3 is free (and so it is essentially a gift), and that I have put a significant amount of work into it. If you don't like the current state of affairs, I've released the source code to MI3, so if you want to, you can try and add new features, fix bugs, port it to other OSes, or make other changes or improvements and release a new version. All I ask is that you give me credit for what I've already done (I'll give you credit for yours). And even with the MI3 project in this "on hold indefinitely" state, I will still accept new (or updated) level sets or hacks that were made with MI3 and put them up for download on the Level Archive page.

Remember, seasons change. Feelings change. People change. (I like that song.)

Why can't I move stages around on the map screen?

This shouldn't be a problem anymore if you use Version 0.75 or later. Map screen pointers are editable, and you can change all sorts of things with them (including where levels are on the map screen.) Look in the readme to see some of what you can do.

The goal card is gone at the end of the level when I edit the enemies!

This problem has been worked around in version 0.50 of Mario Improvement 3, make sure you have the latest version and that the "Automatically Sort Enemies" box is checked, then this shouldn't matter anymore. If you're still using version 0.35, or if you find a problem with enemy sorting (unlikely), this is what you have to do:

Make sure you try to keep the enemies in sequential order. If you don't all the enemies past that point in the level will be gone. This means the goal card, because the goal card is technically an enemy. For example, say you have a level with two enemies placed like this (before you've edited the enemies). It doesn't matter what enemy types they are, all that matters is their horizontal location:
1A      AA <--Enemy A           BB <--Enemy B
  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
(I hope you're not viewing this with a proportional font.)

Now let's say you want to move one enemy to horizontal location 11, and another one to horizontal location 08. If you move them like this:
1A                        BB <--Enemy B              AA <-- Enemy A
  00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Then any enemies past horizontal location 08 will be gone, because the enemies are out of order. This includes the goal card (obviously, it's going to be at the end of the level). So, instead of doing it like this, move enemy A from location 02 to location 08, and enemy B from location 0A to location 11. That way, the enemies will stay in sequential order, and you won't have any problems with your level. Do this for all the enemies you move, and it'll work just fine. I don't know why Super Mario Bros. 3 works this way, it just does.

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