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This is the place where you can download levels made with Mario Improvement 3. To use these, unzip the zip file, then use an IPS patching utility such as SNESTool to patch it to the ROM. Then load it up in your favorite emulator, and play!

Note that the difficulty of each level set is rated by me when I play it, so whenever I finish a level set (or at least play it enough to get an idea of the difficulty) I'll put up a difficulty rating for the set. This is so the difficulty ratings are as consistent as they possibly can be (as what's hard to one player may not be to another). Level sets with "untested" listed as the difficulty have not been tested or played by me. (Yes, I know I have a backlog of hacked levels to test).

If you've made a level set or hack with MI3 and it's not listed here, or the latest version of your level set or hack is not listed here, send it to me and I'll put it up on this page the next time I update the site. My email address is: To email me, type abe (in all lower case), then an at sign, then the 16th U.S. President's last name (in all lower case), then the opposite of hard (in all lower case), then a period, then com (in all lower case).  Make sure there are no spaces..

Filename Level Set Name Size # of Edited Levels Difficulty Author
abe_1st.zip Abe's First World 2k 10 6 (Hard) Abe/Lincolnsoft
abew11.zip Abe's Level 1-1 1k 2 5 (Medium) Abe/Lincolnsoft
gokuu_smb3.zip Gokuu 2k 10 5 (Medium) Gokuu
jimmyk.zip Jimmy's Level 1-1 1k 2 9 (Expert) Jim Jimmy
joshslv1.zip Josh's Level 1-1 1k 2 4 (Easy) Josh Townzen
perslevel1-1.zip Pers Level 1-1 1k 2 2 (Beginner) Vidar
qbasic95_smb3.zip QBASIC95 SMB3 1k 2 8 (Master) QBASIC95
smb32a.zip Super Mario Bros. 3 - The 2nd Adventure 5k About 70 (up to world 4-2) 6 (Hard) Joshua Wrucke
smb3cv90f.zip SMB3 Challenge 25k Complete (up to World 8-Bowser's Castle) 9 (Expert) x-4000
smb4.zip The Lost Levels 2 3k 17 5 (Medium) Exifilith
supermario3-notthelostlevels-world1.zip SMB3 Not The Lost Levels 5k 16 6 (Hard) Excremedies
smb3nq_r11.zip SMB3: The New Quest 16k Up to World 5-2 8 (Master) Mr. W
1up_land.zip 1-UP Land 3k About 5 3 (Novice) Paul Corfiatis
colins_levels.zip Colin's Levels 14k Up to World 3 7 (Difficult) Colin Benson
smb3expr.zip Mario Expert (includes both NES and Mario Allstars versions, plus "Lost Levels") 7k All of World 1 7 (Difficult) Mario Expert
smb3ed.zip Mark Yahner's Hack 7k First two worlds 5 (Medium) Mark Yahner
crazy_luna_levels.zip Crazy Luna Levels 11k Up to World 3-2 Untested Crazy Luna
smb3ht.zip SMB3 Hard Type 30k Up to World 8-Bowser's Castle Untested HelpVillain
smb3fl.zip SMB3 Featuring Luigi 23k Up to World 3-1 Untested Tim McLenegan
ultimate_smb3.zip Ultimate SMB3 18k Complete (up to World 8-Bowser's Castle) Untested Deathscythe
smb3hell.zip SMB3 Hell 5k All of World 1 Untested Paul Corfiatis
smb3e.zip Frank Maggiore's Levels 18k Up to World 6 Untested Frank Maggiore
hacksmb3.zip The Second World of SMB3 14k Up to World 4 Untested Johns Program
coollvls.zip CoolMario's Levels 4k All of World 1 Untested CoolMario
xtrmmb3.zip Extreme Mario Bros. 3 25k Up to World 2-Pyramid Untested Siddharth Agarwal
damons_1.zip Damon's Level 360 bytes 1 Untested Damon Viner
mario_it_looks_different.zip Mario, It Looks Different! 6k All of World 1 Untested Dani

All level sets, hacks, or files on this page with author listed as "Abe/Lincolnsoft" Copyright ©1999 Lincolnsoft/Abe. All other level sets, hacks, or files on this page are copyrighted or owned by their respective authors and are included with their permission.

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